Posted in March 2012

Billy Corgan: The Awakening Has Begun

Billy Corgan: The Awakening Has Begun

(InfoWars) “During this incredible conversation, Alex [Jones] and Billy [Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins] discuss the impact social media has on the music business, the role of the musician in society, the ever evolving left-right paradigm, the occupy wall street movement, and the noticeable spiritual awakening that threatens the very core of the globalist agenda.” … Continue reading

Matrix Gem Courtesy of Fox News…

Please watch this report, John Stossel’s Illegal Everything, especially if you still think we live in a free America.  John Stossel gives us an overview of the ridiculous tyranny being imposed on normal Americans everyday, and trust me, this is just the beginning…

My TSA Experience

I have not written an article in a couple weeks because I was visiting with my family.  On the returning trip, I had my first up-close and personal experience with the Transportation Security Administration at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.  I was intimidated and lied to by multiple TSA workers to such an extent that I … Continue reading

Tyranny Grows and Grows and Grows…

Have you heard of H.R. 347?  Called “The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011,” it expands laws allowing for the criminal prosecution of someone who “knowingly” enters a “restricted area,” whatever that means.  The language of the bill is so vague that it makes any protesting illegal so long as it is … Continue reading

Romney Takes Washington, Paul Runner-Up

Washington Caucus 100% precincts reporting Candidate Votes Pct. Del. Romney 19,111 37.6% 30 Paul 12,594 24.8% 5 Santorum 12,089 23.8% 5 Gingrich 5,221 10.3% Others 1,749 3.4% Source: Huffington Post   As for my opinion on the matter… Romney is still the Republican front runner, with Paul and Santorum following closely behind.  No one is … Continue reading

NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate

NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate

“When you remove due process from the equation – arrest and “indefinite detention” become nothing more than government-sanctioned kidnapping. This is repugnant to our values and traditions, and Americans know it. We may suffer from frequent bouts of apathy, but when something like the NDAA strikes at the very heart of who we are, Americans … Continue reading

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen

Here is Alex Jones’ new documentary! Governments have killed over 260 million people.  That is the number one cause of unnatural death in the 20th and now 21st century… World government is being established as a straitjacket on the planet so that globalists can carry out genocide.  And it’s not fair to call them Nazis.  … Continue reading