Romney Takes Washington, Paul Runner-Up

Washington Caucus

100% precincts reporting

Candidate Votes Pct. Del.
19,111 37.6% 30
12,594 24.8% 5
12,089 23.8% 5
5,221 10.3%
1,749 3.4%

Source: Huffington Post


As for my opinion on the matter…

Romney is still the Republican front runner, with Paul and Santorum following closely behind.  No one is sure why Gingrich is still trying.  No one is sure who would vote for him in the first place, whether in a primary or a general election.  Hopefully, Paul’s momentum will continue to build for the coming Super Tuesday.  Obviously, I am biased since I have already endorsed Ron Paul.  There are many good reasons to vote for a libertarian like Paul, including ending the wars, cutting the budget substantially, and protecting our constantly eroding civil liberties.  However, I’d like to give you all a few reasons not to vote for the other guys.

Firstly, Gingrich is irrelevant, which brings us next to Rick Santorum.  Santorum used to be a US Senator, until he lost reelection in his own state of Pennsylvania in 2006.  For some reason, he thinks that he’ll have more luck getting the whole country to vote for him.  I would usually omit any comments on a politician’s religion as unnecessary, but in Santorum’s case it is completely necessary.  Santorum, a devout Catholic, said just a week ago, “I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute.”  Rick Santorum is so homophobic, he even has a “Google problem” with his name (thank you, Dan Savage).  Not only does Rick Santorum want to impose his religion on Americans, he also loves war!  He just can’t wait to pull the trigger on Iran.  Sure sounds like a winner to me!

Next up is Mitt Romney.  In my opinion, a vote for Romney might as well be a vote for Obama.  He is a flip-flopper who became more conservative in order to enter the presidential race in 2008.  He advocates “crippling sanctions,” “working with the insurgents in the country to encourage regime change,” and “military action” to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  Most importantly, he is definitely a member of the one percent.  He is a Wall Street insider, which is even worse than being a Washington insider.

And if you’re still considering voting for Obama after the last few years, I don’t even know where to begin…



2 thoughts on “Romney Takes Washington, Paul Runner-Up

  1. My wife is an Ohio resident and has already filled in and mailed her absentee ballot for Super Tuesday. Dr. Paul is the only choice for her as well. Voting for anyone else is just voting for more of the same.

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