“Transformational” Technology Allows CIA to Spy on You through Household Appliances

(NaturalNews) Anytime you download a movie from Netflix to your television or turn on an Internet-based radio, you could be alerting people who you don’t want or need watching you.

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, the organization says spies won’t have to plant bugs in homes, businesses or other places where they want to spy because of coming advances in computer and Internet technology. Specifically, CIA Director David Petraeus, one-time commander of the Iraq and Afghanistan war theaters, says new apps and the rise of “connected” devices means people, essentially, will be bugging their own homes.

Read the full story here.

CIA Director Petraeus plays Wii Golf, 2008. (Wikimedia)

Okay, I have to put in my two cents as well.  When I was little, I was always scared someone was spying on me through my mirrors or TV, but now it’s really coming true.  I guess the future is now.  Why does my toaster need to be connected to the internet?  What the heck is quantum computing anyway?  And why should I rethink my “notions of identity and secrecy?”  I think what I do in my home is not anyone’s business, thank you very much- it’s called right to privacy, not secrecy.  The globalists, elite, Illuminati, whatever you call them are getting more and more bold, even going so far as to state their Big Brother plans out in the open.  Is it desperation or just them taking off the velvet glove?  Either way, it needs to happen so people will wake up.  Wake up, America- The CIA director is telling you he will spy on you in your homes.  By the way, keep in mind that the government can also legally kidnap and murder U.S. citizens thanks to Congress and President Obama.  Welcome to the New World Order!


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