Romney “Wins” Maine Caucus, Paul Close Second

Results for Maine Republican Caucus (U.S. Presidential Primary)
Feb 11, 2012 (84% of precincts reporting)
Mitt Romney 2,190 39.2%
Ron Paul 1,996 35.7%
Rick Santorum 989 17.7%
Newt Gingrich 349 6.2%
Other 61 1.1%

Source: AP

As of 4:00 AM Pacific, the news seems to be that Mitt Romney is the Maine caucus winner, with Ron Paul trailing by only a few percentage points  Seeing that only 84% of precincts are reporting, I’m wondering how this statistical tie is being considered a clear cut win, and so is Ron Paul.  (Check out the poll at the bottom of the link!  Currently out of 18,000 people, over 60% think Paul will win the Republican nomination.)  With Google announcing results yesterday (and Newsmax allegedly doing the same last week), the resignation of GOP Chairmen amid allegations of vote fraud in IA and NV, and dead people casting their votes in SC and NH, something fishy is going on around here.  Watch the Vote 2012 is reporting that Ron Paul is currently winning in Maine, so let’s all just keep our eyes peeled for the results once 100% of precincts have been counted.  We must demand transparency in vote counting and not take the mainstream media or GOP establishment at their word.  Maine will decide on final delegates in May, so we still have a while to wait, but first or second, congratulations to Ron Paul.  The proverbial “they” can no longer ignore him.

F*** Yeah, Chris Burton! Image by Robert F. Bukaty, AP


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